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Why No Pictures


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It amazes me why, in this digital age, where taking a picture is so easy and automatic, and instantaneously posting the picture (s) to social media outlets, that there are so few images and/or pictures of us, on this forum, on our fishing forays?

Have we come to the point where only BIG fish pictures will suffice? Thereby cementing our "reputations" as accomplished anglers?

I mean, who doesn't take pictures in this day and age?

Or, is the opposite true? Where, if we took pictures of our trips (warts and all), we would look pedestrian to the rest of the world, thereby diminishing our so-called "expert" status as smallmouth fishermen?

I like stories. Picture books are even better.


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I fish for my pleasure and the only pictures I take or of the places I am fishing or friends I am fishing with. I also wonder why someone will stop fishing get out a camera delay the immediate release of a fish so they can take a picture. It just doesn't seem all that important to me.

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I love pics and usually after the fact think "Why didn't I take a pic". Also I don't have a waterproof camera and hate to expose my phone to going in the brink by ol fumble fingers. Keeping 4 of us in leader, tippet, flies etc takes all my spare cash thus no camera. i guess I'll tell Santa i'd like a Go-Pro for Christmas but he'll prolly say I been a bad boy!

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I do have a small waterproof camera I like to take with me and often shoot pictures of fish to help tell the story. If I didn't have a waterproof camera I wouldn't take near the pictures I do, and even then usually something has to stand out about the fish (coloration or size etc.), or sometimes I like to shoot a closeup of the fly in the fish's mouth to help show myself and others what is catching fish. I keep my camera in the front pocket of my waders so it only takes a second to grab and shoot if I feel the urge. I enjoy seeing other peoples pictures on here as well no matter what the size or type of fish.

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When I go through my trip pictures most of what I have are landscape/riverscapes and very few fish or people pictures, the ones I do have seem lame. My usual fishing buddies and I have a natural aversion to the camera lens. Typically when one of us points a camera at another we flip the bird. So I do have a pretty good collection of bird portraits, probably not appropriate for the environment on this forum. Another concern is the picture police. If mistakenly mix in a picture from a trip other than that described in the post, if I inadvertently included a picture of a fish not being handled like a Ming vase or god forbid if I take a picture with a suspicious smudge I could be accused of posting a photo illustration without full disclosure, it’s hardly worth the grief. Anyway that’s my excuse. I do enjoy viewing all trip pictures others post, and rest assured I could give a rip about fish size or whether the content passes legal scrutiny.

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