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Put in at Viney about 8:30 off at 2. Lots of bait in Viney and most other places but few fish for us. Ran into Bill Babler and he suggest trying the A-Rig over tree tops, we had some misses and 1 nice keeper with it. Bill stopped a bit later and said he was having some success with it but no keepers, hope his luck changed. Later we had another keeper and a short on the wart. Even with few fish its great to be fishing with moderate weather in late December. Hope it continues. Good luck and Happy Holidays to all. Duck

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Duck, after I spoke with you boys, I went for ZERO. That was it. I also started out in Viney at 8 AM and the first location was an interior point. Pretty nice LM that was just short on Arig. Next location on a bluffend, I missed two hits here and then caught a short 12 in K. Probably what I was missing.

Buzzed down lake and hit a very nice bluffend and just let the Arig swim it's self back to the boat on a long cast. Had a double here on my third cast with two close but short K's. Kept throwing it and caught 3 more on the same location, all short but close. Really nice fish that fought the Arig as hard as they could in the 53 degree water.

Went 2 hrs. with out a bite, fishing the same stuff and looking for concentrations of bait and fish on the flats and in the guts, up to the Kings River. Nada. Put it on the trailer at 12:30 without another bite.

Both Champ 188 or maybe now a new Handle Ranger 519 and Stratos Demjac 202 both fished other parts of the pond. I think their numbers were about like mine, but they had some quality fish. Maybe they will give us their secerets.

Good Luck

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Sounds like my day Tuesday, I found 2 banks that held biting fish and that's the only places I could get bit, but they were decent fish and seemed to want to bite. But I spent most of my time fishing a lot of good banks and getting zero bites. Maybe this hurrican we're getting this morning will shake them up and get them on the bite.

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