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Sonar For Small G3 Or Tracker/ Fly Fishing For Bass


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So was wondering what sonar u would recommend for a small tracker or g3 eagle 17 foot. Was also wanting some input on fly fishing for bass. I have only been a trout guy only but reading about how much fun it is to catch bass on flies. So do of you fly fish in lakes for example table rock? Like to get some tactics from you guys to give this a whirl. I figure bing it is so big and the fish go pretty deep that it cold be a hard task with a fly rod.

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I have a eagle 176 and I use the one that came with the boat. It's a small garmin but it is useless other then a depth finder so I'd like to see what others recommend. I don't want to spend a fortune but I think I liked something with side imaging but don't know much about it. butt far as catching bass on fly I'm no expert but would imagine u would want a full sink line

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Fly fishing on the bigger reservoirs is best confined to the upper ends of the creek arms and the back 1/2 of coves at first. You need to narrow down your search area to water that you can effectively cover until you build up confidence in a few techniques, then "graduate" (so to speak) out into the bigger water and deeper presentations.

The best way to approach it is to begin about mid-April and then try to stay on fish through the spawn, into Summer, and all the way into late Fall.

If the water your fishing has some color to it and plenty of cover you'll be shocked at how shallow of a pattern you can keep working. Reservoir bass don't see many flys and there's some sweet things you can do with fly tackle that the gear guys never even dreamed of..... like using a half-assed roll cast to make a fly swim away from you then abruptly do a 180° and speed off in the opposite direction! Or using "mends" to swim a fly sideways back and forth repeatedly in front of a laydown. Yeah even heavily pressured fish will cream it, and the guys fishing gear can't pull that little move off. LOL

The sound flyline makes during a stillwater mend or a half-roll actually will bring bass out of cover to see what's rippin' the water..... I think it sounds to them like Something on the Feed!

Lastly; Think big....like almost "musky / coastal striper Big" with your fly selection, and don't be afraid to shoot a fly up under stuff or right in the middle of heavy cover. Pussy-footin' around because your afraid to get majorly tangled in a tree will cost you alot of excitement. Pick a shot and just Go for It before your conservative judgement has a chance to tell you not to.....cuz you KNOW he's in there.

Once he eats it in the middle of a treetop, and there you are with flyline laying everywhicha way...... Well, you're on your own :)

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