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Table Rock Fishing Baxter Area- 1-18-19-2012

merc1997 Bo

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did a little fishing in the baxter area friday and saturday. there appears to be two patterns going. deep water fishing, and a shallow jerk bait bite. friday, we started about 10am and chased the deep bite until 3;30pm. we caught at least 50 bass. the bites came from 40 feet to 65. then we did some jerk bait fishing which produced 5 and three of those were nice 3lb. chunks. saturday we started about 11am and went jerk bait fishing first. after two hours of no bites, we went back to chasing the deep bite. wish we had been chasing the deep fish all day as we ended up catching over 50 bass again, and 10 of those were keepers with 4 over 4 lb. hope i can get back out before wrist surgery on the 31st. might as well get the wrist really irritated, right??


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Sounds like fun times. Good luck with the wrist surgery. Carpal tunnel?

Donna Gilzow

Bella Vista, Arkansas

The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope.

--John Buchan, 1915

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Cape Fair Area fished well Saturday. We had 26 boats in the derby over there. Several 5 and 6# fish brought in. My partner and I won it with 4 that weighed 21#. It's a 4 fish limit in the tournament. We caught 9 keepers, culled down to a 3.2 was our smallest fish, 7.89 was our biggest. Had one over 4 and one over 6 to fill out our 4 fish limit. Never happen again like that. Oh, well the big fish came on a jerk bait, the others on and A Rig. Best day I have ever had on the A Rig. Wasn't much of a fan of it till now.

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bo, Let this wrist rest before your surgery. You would'nt want any inflamation in there when they are slicen & dicen !

Good luck... (and congrats on all the fish) billfo

Email me

Red-Right-Returning is for quitters !

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