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Crappies Are Bitin.


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Theres just nothing better than fresh fried winter time crappie.My son and I both limited out last friday on Table Rock.We put in at 9:30 am and left at 1:30 pm. All were good size from 11 to 14 inchs with a few 10 1/2s . 17 to 22 ft deep 1/8 ou heads,color didn't seem to matter to much.

My son is back down there this mourning and threatened me if I told where we were at, you probably woudn't believe it any way. This is a pic of my limit.post-234-0-50780400-1359127646_thumb.jpg Get out and get after em.


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You know... I get interested any time I hear about crappie. I hear from friends who are catching them and I even know the spot and how to catch them. But do I go? Nope. Too busy. And if I fish, I need to fish here on Taney so I have some sort of idea what the trout are doing for our guests.

So... I love to see and hear you guys are catching them. Your honey holes are safe from this crappie fisherman! Till March and April that is...

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I can see there are 8 of us just waiting for a little more information. I know we cant expect GPS coordinates, but a general area, or even type of bank, docks, pole timber, something to go on.....

A Little Rain Won't Hurt Them Fish.....They're Already Wet!!

Visit my website at..

Ozark Trout Runners


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Hey there Josh,I probably know your dad or uncle,and yes my son has been doing the same thing for the last month,he finnally talked me in to going and boy did I have a blast,but where he had been catching them has started to thin out ,so we tried a place where we usually catch them in March.Much to my surprise they were there..

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