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Fished In The Rain, It Was Worth It!

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On a last minute decision last night, my buddy Chad and I decided to head to the River to try some Smallmouth. According to the weather man last night, the rain wasn't suppose to be to much. So we headed out this morning, to just some scattered drizzle at best, until we got on the water, where it rained steady for probably a couple hours. We wasn't deterred, as we just decided to just go with it, I was hoping the clouds and rain might actually help the fish bite. Turns out that was the case, at least for the larger fish. We had to work for the fish all day naturally with the cooler water temps, but during the rain, the suspending Jerkbait was the ticket. The largest fish was a quarter inch shy of 19 inches, I didn't take a pic with this camera as it was raining, but have it on my Gopro i'll have to post later. Caught several more around the 17 inch range, all on a RC Jerkbait.

After the rain stopped, so did the fish bite, so we took a short lunch break, then got the flyrods out to break things up. It was slow at first, but soon we caught a few average fish dead drifting jigs. We continued to chip away at an occasional fish, until about an hour before dark. We went to a spot that hasn't always been that productive, but has a nice channel break with a fallen tree for cover. Chad and I casted at the same time and right away we both hooked up, mine a 11 incher, but Chads was a nice 16 plus Smallie that came out from under the tree.

The action wasn't fast, but we fished all day, with only one break, and managed to catch several nice fish. The hottest action was during the heaviest rain of the morning, so I guess you could say the pain was worth the gain. Of course any day on an Ozark River, no matter the weather, is just a blessing to me!

Edit: First pic is the "almost" 19 incher




There's no such thing, as a bad day fishing!

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NIcely done. How do you like the Gopro?

Oh I love it, it's probably the best video camera made for fishing, it works so good for good angles and around water. I've got some video from this trip I'll have to try to edit one of these days!!

Those are some fine looking smallmouth.

Good job on beating the elements and not giving up.

Thanks, I had it better than my buddy, I had my duck hunting stuff on, so I stayed fairly dry. Chad was getting pretty wet, but you couldn't of got him off the water for nothing, we can be pretty hardcore when we wanna be..lol. Went earlier in the year and had trouble with froze rod guides.

We ran into a group of guys on the river canoeing and camping on down to Riverton, now that would be fun, gotta do that someday!!

That's awesome. What river were you on?

It's a great river, but I forgot the name of it.... :) Nah we tryed a different area on the Eleven Point that we went to last year, had better success this time!

There's no such thing, as a bad day fishing!

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Nice smallies! Whats flies were you using?

I believe that fishing is usually better when there is a full moon. People are more crazy when there is a full moon. Thank God He made fish the way He did so I can have better fishing when people are crazier than normal.

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