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Back On The Water For Some Walleye.....


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I'm not much of a wallie fisherman, but the wallies should be running up the White below Beaver dam anytime now. They'll also go up the White and War Eagle arms of Beaver.

thanks for the info. i was wondering about below the dam. i was worried about the water level being to low, but i guess i need to check. a buddy of mine has been down by twin bridges and hasn't run into any.

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No reports...must be some fish catching going on? Is the game already on up the White? I'm itching to get out and this will be my first shot at walleye this year. Finally found the right motor for my boat and once I get it the way I want, I'm going to do as much fishing as I can as far as I can go up the White. Thankfully we got a little bump in the water level, but probably not enough to get me as far up as I want to go.

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my report is grim. put in at twin bridges, went down river. made it past both shoals up to neil's bluff (? i think thats the name). coming back up river was not as easy, the first shoal was not fun at all. about 1 fow and it's really flowing.

i through a flickr shad, hot n tot etc. not even a bite. i tried jigging, but the water was moving a little too much for that. i'll be waiting for the river to rise, b/c i beat the hell out of my motor.

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