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  1. Check out The Bass Tank , great customer service .
  2. I really like my 12” bird with mega imaging .
  3. Will you be fishing the Beaver Crappie Series any this year Lance?
  4. Whats the COE day use fee status at old 86?
  5. Yes they caught fish 2 of the 3 were Livescope vertical pole timber with 1/32 to 1/8 jigs and hair jigs and other guys were dock shooting . Those guys were from LOZ . I had never done any dock shooting so that was neat to watch man they were accurate!....the monsoon those guys prefished in really hindered them from showing off some nice TR crappie that swim in that lake. One team that was fishing Kings were on 1.5 lb average during prefishing but when they got their day one a huge floating debris mat was over their spot....that be a sick sight to see as you round the bend after driving from
  6. I’m not sure quill they had three camera boats out filming...I served as a Marshall for this event, I had a great time , 2 of 3 the boats I was in ran to above cape fair , the other went in Long Creek....one team ran all the way up into Kings River, we launched from State Park....maybe check Mr.Crappie YouTube channel they may run them there not sure.
  7. In case some guys didn’t know Mr.Crappie Wally Marshall is holding his second annual Crappie Expo and tournament in Branson with the tournament held on Table Rock..... October 29-November 1.....should be lots of different companies at the expo and a fish fry...I’m excited to see what the crappie fishermen bring to the scales! https://www.crappieexpo.com/
  8. Took TM to Wolff and they got it fixed. Thank you for steering me to them. braid was wrapped around the prop which cause a seal to break and then water damaged the lower unit...warranty covered it!
  9. Go to The Bass Tank YouTube page and watch their video how to install the perspective mount , it’s detailed .
  10. You were doing the right thing just keep trying , the last two years it’s been harder for me to catch them like I once did.
  11. I believe the marina is closed and you have to go across to the Corp side to launch and then it’s a hike to where you park truck back to boat....a friend chose to go to Big M and he said it was fine there .
  12. What was your issue?.....mine quit responding so I changed the on/off switch and that didn’t fix it.....so now there’s a Garmin Force o the boat!
  13. Any trolling motor repair shops in NWA? Don’t really want to drive to Springfield but may have to.
  14. I just added the Echo Ultra 126sv and scope to the bow and have a Helix 12 mega at the wheel Garmin imaging doesn’t come close the Mega but I didn’t get the Garmin for imaging I got it for the Livescope.
  15. Listen to Lance he KNOWS!......I couldn’t believe the good crappie you guys pulled out of the North end !.....Frankenstein when you launch from Big Clifty go left and head toward Hogscald holler there is standing timber near the that ramp and I’ve caught crappie in that area but like Lance said go early that part of the lake necks down and turns into a party cove.
  16. The non walleye fisherman will have no clue what you’re referring to....I just haven’t had the success that I have with regular spinners.
  17. They stocked 96,000 walleyes this year...86,000 went in Beaver and 10,000 went in Lake Fort Smith . I’m glad the walleye stocking didn’t get skipped this year, don’t need to miss a year of stocking walleyes.
  18. And this is the reason I figure the BBT will get canceled again....can boats get under the bridges now?
  19. I fish from the Dam to PT 6 .....Beaver has a nice walleye population, if you know how to catch them out of Bull you will have no problem..good luck and let us know how you do!
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