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Just A Little Semi-Interesting Fishing Report

Jerry Rapp

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Lak Killarney, just east of Arcadia Valley. 80 year old, 100 acre lake on Stouts Creek. Started about 12:30, fished till 4:30. we caught 15 today. all largemouth. no smallmouth(last trip in early January we caught 15 smallies). Pretty slow overall. I caught one about 3 lbs and lost another right in front of the boat that might have weighed 4 or 5. I was using a shad rap on a spinning rod with 8lb test. Didn't get one bite out of the middle of the lake on the channel ledges where we caught the snot out of them last winter. The fish were in 2 to 3 foot of water. If the boat got deeper than 5 feet we never got a bite. Cast the shad rap up shallow and crank it down to hit the weeds. Let it float up. If it got weeds on it, then rip them off. We caught two on jerks, but they wanted that shad rap. water temp was around 42.5, colder than last winter when it was 45-47.

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My Mom and Dad used to ski that lake years ago when they were dating. Dam busted one time in a big flood and drained it. Upper end has silted and filled with gravel around the church camp. We used to fish below the Hwy bridge from the shut ins down a way to the upper portion of the lake but never fished the main body of water.

I never really thought about smallies in the lake, but it makes since.

"Life has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously."

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the smallies come down out of the creek. Just like they come down to CLearwater and Wappo in the winter time. Warm weather smallie catch is very rare in any of the lakes. I think with the last couple of good creek rises, the smallies might have been up around the church camp or higher up. Just a guess from someone who couldn't catch one today.

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