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The Big Skunk, I Mean Big M, 9/10/2013


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2 bass total, both came early on a Megabug. Fished jigs, drop shot, worms, and even tossed a top water around. A couple of light biters, but nothing to the boat. Where's the cooler weather? I've had enough of this 90 degree stuff. Oh well, time for a nap.

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Quill, I worked pretty hard for bites up there the other day. Move up to Baxter and work the gravel toward Kimberling City. Those Brown Bass are getting ready to get hungry.

I had 19 Sunday on my trip with several in the 3.5 pound range. There is a very hard thermocline at 18 to 22 feet. They are right square dab in the middle of it on either shelf or gravel roll-offs.

Best deal for us was the green pumpkin Pigsticker with a Yamamoto 4" twin tail or a Yamamoto Hula Grub in Green Pumpkin Candy on the same 3/8th. FB.

Good Luck

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