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How Fast Will Coe Get The Facilities Open?

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Depends on the lake and the time the notice to re-open is received from out agency. I would have someone out the same or next day removing or at a minimum setting aside barricades and taking down signs. Trust me we want them open again too. A full recall of all employees could take a day or two depending upon their status, where they are etc. I really really really hope I spend my evening contacting personnel and giving them a recall notification.

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I just checked many of the web-sites closed for the shutdown seems they are up and running. ACE already telling people on their FB to return to work. Bet you can get in to the ramps by 9am on most the lakes if not sooner.

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Guest Brian B.

When has fast ever been a word any govt. agency used?

When. Its coming from the highest rank- pretty fast... Sure locked up quick and. Tight didn't they- heck paying overtime to verify folks weren't in them. (Not supposed to draw attention to. That though are we?)

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