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Winter Fishing Seminars In Springfield

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A couple of winters ago, i organized a few fishing seminars/talks in Springfield- at the MDC Nature's Center. We covered Table Rock, Roaring River, Al Agnew talked on smallmouth fishing, North Fork of the White, the Elevenpoint...

I'm wanting to host more this winter. Going to cover Table Rock with several talks because I think that's the main draw in this area. Probably cover Taneycomo.

I'd like to hear from you all what you think I should do.

I'm thinking Stockton, Montauk (upper Current), may be the Buffalo. Floating the James River, Elk River. A talk about floating and camping Missouri's rivers.

My knowledge of people to speak on these subjects is limited so I need help in that area.

I am not limiting these talks to just Springfield although it is centrally located in SW Missouri.

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I'd definitely be interested in a seminar on canoeing/camping the rivers.

What about a seminar on kayak/canoe fishing?

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Great idea Phil, I remember the one that you and Bill Babler did several years ago where Bill talked about fishing jerkbaits. Bill did a great job and hopefully you can get him back again. I would be mainly interested in attending anything on Table Rock. Sure would like to see a seminar on winter fishing the Rock. Grub fishing, jig fishing, fishing deep trees - it would all be good.

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