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Catch And Release 11/17


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Wind blew like crazy all day but caught fish. Most were of decent size just like used to catch at Bennett Spings. Best day of fishiing in years. Stream was pretty much empty of other fisherman. Guess most were trying to deer hunt in 20 mph wind . All in all a great day.

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Guess I need to get down there. I was heading down there on day lsst week but chicken out and went Crappie fishing about 30 minutes from the house

instead of driving the 3 hours. Caught lots of short fish and 6 -10 inch keepers. Great fun! I forgot, the dock is indoors out of the weather.

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I have never used Y2K's.. Just wondering what kind of color combo you all use on your Y2K's? Are they usually really contrasting colors (Chartreuse/Black or Chartreuse/Red) or more of a closer match (Cheese/Row or Peach/Row)?

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