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Shell Knob 11/16-11/18


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Pretty much had the lake to ourselves with deer hunting starting this weekend. Fishing was hard all weekend but my buddy, Jim and I got a few to make it at least interesting.

We were hoping that the fish would push back into the creeks, but they were not there in any type of numbers. We tried to use the wind to our advantage and throw spinnerbaits (War Eagle Purple Shad and Mouse), but we only picked up 3 fish total our of about 250 casts.

I tried to find a few drop shot fish, but due to the wind was unable to really stay on any points to locate fish. I was only able to land 2 fish out of about 4 bites on the drop shot all weekend. The fish would run up to it and do nothing or head deep. Most of the fish were about 20 feet down in 30-40 feet of water.

Overall, our best bite was on a Pick Sticker Jig. We started fishing the fist 75-100 yards of the main lake points as they went into a cove or cut. The best ones had larger rock on them. I was putting the boat in 30 feet of water and throwing the jig to the bank and then dragging it back slowly. They were hitting hit about 10-15 feet of water. Most of the fish were healthy 13-16 inch fish. I think we landed about 15 fish on the jig.

Overall we landed 25 fish, and we had to work for every bite. Good luck to you all!


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