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Still Hitting But But Their Fight Seems To Be Slowing

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I went down to put my dock deicer in and caught 7 crappie 3 were keepers in a matter of minutes. Looks to me like their metabolism is slowing down. Only hit jigs tipped with crappie candy. Everyone i talk to around here has been catching mostly small to very small crappie.

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Nice job on the two limits of that size. Over thanksgiving I had one over 10 and one over 13". All the rest were under 9 1/2". The big one came way under a dock only about a couple feet down. Most of the rest were down around 8-12'.

I would imagine it may get a little tougher over the next few weeks.



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Must be my area. But what i caught were all close to keepers plus those three that i got were real nice keepers. I went to watch them play up at the horse arena last evening and those that were there were complaining about it except Jody. He comes walking up saying he really got into them and pushing his hand in my face to smell. I told him iI did not smell any crappie to me but it was pretty clear he tore a hole in the toilet paper wiping. I do not think he has even been fishing.

I am keeping one of my daughters cats for awhile and had to give that big devil a pill this morning. He us a 12 lb Tom and he is about 3 lbs down right now. He was highly indignant about it. It was like trying to hold a darn tiger still.

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