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Hard Water


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No ice in the lower graviois. I sure dread it if it comes. I have a good deicer but my bank faces westerly iat the mouth of one of the largest coves on the gravois. When the ice breaks up it is usually during warm periods with strong winds from the south west. That results in some terrible damage in this cove. Great big massive chunks of ice get to moving and collide with docks and rip them right off there moorings bending and twisting walkways plus anything else in there path.

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Looked out this morning and the Lake was frozen about 95% across at the Niangua Bridge (West Hwy 54). Can't remember the last time I saw it frozen before Christmas.


Dang! Thats right by me. I guess we'll be getting out the hockey equipment here soon.

Anyone for a little pond hockey?



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Reminds me of a story about a group of guys out on a lake in Mn. ice fishing.... One of them locked the keys in his Suburban and called OnStar. The OnStar folks thought it was a practical joke because their imaging showed the Surburban sunk in the middle of a lake. :lol:

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If that lake froze thick up there it could threaten you dock if the wind is right in a breakup. Your pretty exposed. How many stalls in there.

If you have never witnessed a breakup it is really something to see. We had ice about 8 or 9 yrs ago that was about 8 inches thick. When it stated to break up pieces came down the cove at least a acre in size. When the wind is blowing about 15 mph they can get up a pretty god head of steam. I watch them blow out of the cove and across the lake. They would collide with that back over there and it looked dynamite going off pieces of ice going 15 ft into the air. One big flow came down and ripped my neighbors dock loose and pushed it over by mine. Another time the flow was attacking mine and being younger and more daring I took a ice copper down there and tried to ward the ice off by chopping the ice pressing and creating a cushion. That dock was bucking so much it about through me in the lake. In hind site had I gone in I am certain it would have crushed me.

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