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Hard Steering

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My boat over the last 2 years is getting harder to turn. I had new cables put on it a year ago, but didnt help much. It turns fairly easy on the trailer but when you put it in the water forget it. Once trimed up it is better but not what it should be. Even in hot weather its like this so I know cold weather isnt the problem.The boat is a 95 charger wuth a 150 merc. By hard I meen when getting up you better be pointing the way you want to go cause it isnt going to turn at all.Even idling aroung you have to use both hands and all your muscle. Any ideas what it could be?? Good excuse for a new boat, but cant right now.

Dennis Boothe

Joplin Mo.

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I had a similar problem with a 90 HP Merc I used to own, I don't know the official terminology, but on my Merc there was a horizontal cylinder with a rod that moved lateraly through it that the steering cables attached to under the motor. I took it in and had it serviced, they basically disassembled it and cleaned the gunk out. Forgot the exact cost but it was less than $100. Steering worked fine after that. Don't know if you have a similar setup, but it sounds like the issue I had.

Mechanic said it was a fairly common issue.

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If you are going to spend time/money on fixing that old steering system, I would look into upgrading to hydraulic steering, like new boats have.

Sea Star, by Teleflex, has the kit. I helped someone upgrade thier bass boat a few years ago and it is amazing how well it works compared to the old cable system. Easy to turn at high speeds. You don't have that steering torque any more and can take your hand off the wheel without it turning.

Saved some money by getting the kit directly from the parts department from the boat manufacturer.

Took some work getting it installed, but really not too bad. Good project for this time of year.

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That sounds like a problem one of my friends had. Bruce Tangora at Tangora Marine in Nixa fixed him right up for about $50 which is only a fraction of what new hydraulic steering costs.

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