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Bank Fishing


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What area of the lake would you fish? I ask that because there is some access at Big M and Viney for bank fishing. And in the spring, early summer, and fall a person has a reasonable chance at a bass or two from the bank. If those are areas that you would want to fish, I can go into more detail in a PM, just don't want to type a bunch of stuff if those areas are not somewhere you would fish. I can't help you on the lower lake as I don't fish up there.

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I've caught loads of bass from State Park Marina (campground side), Dewey Short, Observation Loop, Long Creek Marina, Old 86 campground, Indian Point Marina area.

You can get yourself in a Kayak for an affordable price, no gas, insurance or licenses. I have fished many areas of Table Rock in mine with great success (I'm that Swimbait guy).

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I am also relatively new to Table Rock. I have been coming down 4-5 times a year to the Holiday Island area over the past 3 years and love to take the kids out fishing. I would love to find a good, or at least entertaining, bank fishing spot near by. I am considering hitting the old Beaver railroad bridge in a few weeks. Any luck over there?


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