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April 2nd thru April 7th Fish Report


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I fished last week around the 101 bridge area.  This was our fifth time going early in April and we have always caught a ton of fish. Not this year.  The cool water temperatures, high winds, cold fronts, and evidently my inability to adjust made for a tough week of fishing.  My best fish were all caught on the Megabass 110 jerk bait.  A seven pound striper, a handful of hybrids, and a couple of walleye were the highlight of the trip.  Black bass and white bass were pretty tough.  We caught four whites at the mud line Saturday afternoon and then only a single here and there the rest of the week.  Caught a few black bass on windy rocky points.  The best bite was on rubber worm in about 10 feet of water. (I did not figure this out until a fellow OA member took pity on me and told me what to do.) We saw very few surfacing fish outside of carp early in the mornings. 

Water temperatures were around 55 to 56 degrees. A bit warmer in the late afternoons back in the coves.  Water clarity was generally good.  Just enough green and not too gin clear.   Wind was high and switched directions daily.

Not much of a report but it's all I got.


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All these lakes really fish differently depending on what section you are in. The bite can be RED HOT in some areas and TOUGH in others. If you are committed to an area for whatever reason, you may just have to make the best of it. I heard yesterday morning that the bite in the Red bank area has been really, really good. It often is in the Spring.

You for you that you got them to eat a jerk bait. I can not for whatever reason.


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