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flicker shad


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NOT ALL were keepers but, In the last 3 years I have put 40+ walleye, 70+ Crappie, and lost count of Bass & Bluegill with the Chartreuse back one... on Stockton..

My son uses both colors on Beaver but, the purple back one works better for him on Beaver....

"Look up OPTIMIST in the dictionary - there is a picture of a fishing boat being launched"

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9 hours ago, Walleyedmike said:

Agree with zarra and slab. That chartreuse one and purple tiger are usually two of the first flicker shad colors I start with.


?? Those are also my go to colors. I us the plain old firetiger as well

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I use the purple a lot with success in May. Can't argue with the chartreuse either. Plain shad color will get the job done too. i don't think you can go wrong with those two colors. Last Spring we couldn't keep the walleyes off of them while trolling. They weren't big, but it was action packed and fun. 

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