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Could use some advice


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It looks like I have an all clear to make my first trip on Truman, but because I've never fished it, I could use help.  

Even though crappies are biting, I'm thinking both walleyes and white bass. My instinct tells me that walleyes should be pretty much done spawning and are heading back to the places where they'll spend the summer. Ordinarily, this is a difficult time to catch the buggers as they are scattered and somewhat in recovery from the spawn.  One of the spawning sites should be the face of the dam, and I was thinking that may be where I should start...fishing at the dam (not below it) and also looking at the points at the mouths of the tributary rivers. Any advice here?

Will there still be whites in the main lake, or will they all be heading upstream to take care of business?  

Is there a better plan?


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It sounds as if you have your heart set on the lower lake.  I can't offer any worthwhile advise down there for a first timer other than pounding the wier.

If it were me I'd launch at Windsor, do some map study and learn that area first.  It is way more manageable and the fishing should be pretty good there.  

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There are always whites and hybrids in the main lake.  As for walleye about now is the time to start looking for some points on the main lake or even a channel swing with a point on it.  Throw crankbaits, shad raps flicker shads etc.  at that point, right up to the water line, usually in the evening and wind is a good thing.  Of course right about now begins the crappie moving up shallow late in the evenings too so whats a feller to choose.  Generally I never go further down than the mouth of the osage and if walleye fishing will launch at Fairfield and work up the lake.  Its easy to stay too late and it get dark on you though, we usually head back before too dark and fish some of the points nearer the launch ramp and catch some there.  Some day are zeros and some days well they can be very very good, take a net.

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I would do as MOPanfisher says and launch at Fairfield but I would go around the island and go south up the Pomme arm. After you pass the bridge there are a lot of points with small gravel and chunk rock that walleyes will soon frequent. Keep heading south up the Pomme arm until you find fish. And the crappie are about to hit the banks so don't forget them, last year I caught a lot of small walleye while actually throwing that the banks fishing for crappie. Most of these were under the limit but I would usually catch one or two keepers nice bonus fish. As for the whites and hybrids good luck with very little water coming in the lake and not much more going out they will be scattered and hard to find and can be anywhere.

Good luck


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Thanks all; now I just have to get out and do it. I like the main lake area simply because it's a lot like other lakes I've fished in the past, including Beaver and some of my favorite lakes in Washington state. 

It's funny how so many of the house/yard projects have to be done "right now". I've been racking up brownie points, though, so it's time after I mow the 47.3 acres of lawn (a slight exaggeration) and take care of a couple of other things--like charging the boat batteries, putting my gear back in the boat and finding where I put my stash of walleye spinners, crappie jigs and crankbaits after the move. 

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