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slab slinger

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Fished this moning from 8-2 and caugh alot o fish just not many keepers. Found fish from 15 to 2 ft water. Caught fish all day just no size. Managed to get 12 keepers but had to work for them. From the looks of things evning bite is best on bigger fish. Threw jigs and color didn't seem to matter much. Water temp was 63. Good luck. 


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The pale ones are small females. They still had eggs but they looked ready anytime. The fish had more color till I threw them on ice and Sat during my boys soccer game. 

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I went today to Aldrich     Water was down to 61 

fished steep Chanel banks    Caught 7 shorts A nice walleye  

keepers  and  hooked a 5-6 pounder not only the same fish as Saturday 

She sawed twice  danced a few on her tail   And  threw the jig  again    

Had a real nice day




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