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Little Dixie 4-22-16


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I got out to Little Dixie at 6:40 pm this evening. The was a constant north wind. So I fished along the dam near one of the east fish attractor brush piles. I put a nightcrawler on a circle hook and cast it out using a very light drag. Last year under similar circumstances with this wind direction we saw large fish just off of the bank. My hope was to catch some crappie and some large bottom fish. My other rod had a jig and float combo. The black and green jig was about 14 to 16" from the float. The stiff wind made it difficult to gauge if I had a bite or not. My retrieve was a reel and drop then reel and drop back to the bank. I did have a crappie hit the jig on my second cast, but it went silent for some time. The worm got picked up and the fish swam off with the bait. I tightened the drag and it pulled tight. After a short fight I landed a fat yellow bullhead. I got one other bullhead and a small channel catfish on the bottom bait. The crappie fishing picked up when the wind died down and the lake flattened just when the sun went down. I caught a half dozen white crappie all about 6.5 to 8", a couple of bluegill and a couple of green sunfish. If the lake flattened sooner, I should have caught a few more fish. I can't complain with 13 fish in about 2 hours of fishing.

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