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  1. Congrats to your little fisherperson! Nice trout and a great way to introduce her to fishing!
  2. JF #59 Pumpkinseed sunfish, Lepomis gibbosus
  3. Congrats Jeff on a great day! Lots of variety as well! With fishing possibilities like those it would be hard to leave there to go somewhere else to fish. Living the dream buddy!
  4. I have hunted a fair amount of national forest land where there were fences within large blocks of public land. Seems like there was never a reason to take it down. Unless you know the area well, have an updated GPS with maps, or see posted signs (including purple paint), it can be hard to know if you are still on public land or not.
  5. Awesome. I still have not been successful on paddlefish.
  6. I caught native coppernose bluegill there but didn't post those photos. We also saw native mosquitofish, largemouth bass, and some native minnows. All the ones that I posted, the Oscar's, peacocks, Mayan, etc are non-natives.
  7. @Seth how has your snagging season been going this spring?
  8. Livie Tamiami canal and ARM NWR fish Livie #49 (lifer) Mayan Cichlid Livie #50 (Lifer #125) Peacock Bass Livie #51 (Lifer) Oscar Livie #52 (Lifer) Spotted Tilapia
  9. There were and still is some id work needed for Livie's catches. Here's a few more from Miami FL at the South Pointe Park and Pier to get her caught up. Livie #45 (lifer) Redtail Parrotfish Livie #46 (lifer) Sand Perch, Diplectrum formosum (I didn't catch one while both Sue and Livie did ๐Ÿ™„) Livie #47 (lifer) Channel Flounder, Syacium micrurum Livie #48 (lifer) Scrawled Cowfish, Acanthostracion quadricornis
  10. Back in MD and fishing again. Spent a little time microfishing a local creek. #57) Banded Killifish, Fundulus diaphanus. Was hoping for a nice male but take what you get. #58) Satinfin Shiner, Cyprinella analostana I did catch another minnow species. More to come once I figure out what it was.
  11. I think that it is probably a blue sucker. They live in the big rivers.
  12. There is a CA in Columbia (Three Creeks CA) that has divided the CA into multiple use areas. There is a designated hiking and horesback area that is closed to all hunting except during the firearms deer seasons. That information was on the CA site pamphlets and I believe that they also posted the appropriate parking areas around the gun season. I have not heard of instances where there were issues.
  13. As hunters we are obligated to be held to identifying our targets before pulling the trigger. This guy should be charged in accordance to his failure to id his target. However additional help from the non-hunting community would go a long way in providing more safety in those multiuse areas as well. I put in for the city archery tags in Columbia and went to their mandatory safety meeting. Not once did I hear any discussion about the hikers, joggers, dog walkers wearing orange when in those areas. The one woman brought in her golden retriever and begged us to not shoot him. An orange dog v
  14. A worm under a float would also be my first choice. A close second would be a small weighted glo ball that is brown or tan to match the pellet feed. Check the regs for that day. I seem to recall that for kids days that they dropped the zone regs to allow the kids any bait choice. If they are enforcing the zone regs, then you are probabaly not able to fish any of the synthetic baits in that zone either. With any bait and a child that young consider keeping the fish since it's likely to be a deep hookset. Fish power worms the same way as you do for reg worms. For power eggs I like to use #
  15. Outside his 5 County limit. Agree that those are way better fighters than 10 to 12 lb carp. For rhe AJ and Tuna even pound for pound are better fighters than carp.
  16. An older gentleman was in a desperate need of a job. He saw a sales position had opened in his neighborhood. He didn't have any sales experience but figured that he was a quick learner and applied. He was hired and the sales manager said the job is selling toothbrushes door to door. Everyone needs a toothbrush so it's a pretty easy item to sell. The man went out to a large neighborhood and worked all day. He went to his manager and told her that he sold one toothbrush. She was mad and told him that he better sell more the next day or he may be fired. The next day he went to another larger nei
  17. @laker67 sounds like some good fishing and great food for sure!
  18. Johnsfolly

    What's Cooking?

    Sounds good to me! post a photo when it's done.
  19. We had a suzuki sidekick (prior to that model becoming the Geo Tracker) when we lived in PA and then in FL. Had 4WD and a soft top. Was not top heavy like the samurai and thus not as likley to want to roll. Was able to drive in snow and drove into woods to pick up a couple of shot deer. Had a great heater that quickly heated the car. Had to sell when we moved to N Ireland. Had 185K miles on it and was only on it's second set of tires.
  20. Johnsfolly

    What's Cooking?

    We haven't made anything note worthy since we got back home from FL. I will share some photos or our meal in Key Largo. We tried to go to a local spot that served hogfish (as per @Gavin). However the place was packed, maybe because of the band. Ended up at the Pilot House. We sat right next to the water. The view didn't suck and we could hear the band from across the marina๐Ÿ˜. Livie and I were seriously interested in the fish and crustaceans below the railing. They normallly give oats to the kids to feed the fish. Well we got two containers ๐Ÿ˜‰. Lots of snappers and chubs showed up onc
  21. JF #53 (Lifer) Mayan Cichlid, Mayaheros urophthalmus JF #54 (Lifer) Peacock Bass, Cichla sp. There are three species in FL. Not sure yet which one this is, more work needed. JF #55 Oscar, Astronotus ocellatus JF #56 Spotted Tilapia, Tilapia mariae
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