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Couple days of fishing-


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Hey guys, 

Fished Wednesday and Thursday from the Theodosia arm to the Big Creek area. I missed the morning bite both days, just didn't drag my butt out of bed early enough, but had steady if not great action throughout the day, with the bite really turning on as the sun got lower in the evening. 

I'm still catching smallmouth on the Ned and Grub, flat gravel points and also a few on some steeper banks. Nothing huge, but some solid 17"-18" keepers mixed in with pretty decent numbers of 12"-14" fish. I spent most of the day Wednesday throwing a big swimbait thinking I could fool a big fish in the wind, but it never happened for me. Things vastly improved when I put down the Swimbait and picked up the little stuff.

Topwater seems like it's one good cloudy day away from being really, really good. I'm catching a few and getting a few follows and blow ups on the typical post spawn gravel run outs and bluff end/cove mouths. I didn't see a whole lot of schooling, but if you cover water long enough with a topwater, you will get a bite. 

Water is clear from Oakland to near Big Creek, with a pretty heavy stain from Theodosia to around point 13. I didn't look for any largemouth in the colored water, as there seemed to be quite a few guys out pre fishing for the White River on Saturday.

Water temps were 66-67 most everywhere I was.



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Great report thanks.  water 67!  nice. 

I keep a topwater bait tied on a rod just for the proper spot.
You can cast for an hour and when a spot appears grab that rod for one cast in hopes of a blowup..

we need about 10 more degrees..
My kids will want to wakeboard by Memorial day..

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