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May 6th


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Put in this morning at 6 at cedar ridge

very cool ride   

Fished primarily fish moving on to beds 

 Fish are biting everywhere  right now      Most water was 68  and stained     Personally  they bite any bait Never went above Coffman   

I caught a  dandy    My day was never quite the same    This  is  why  I dream constantly of  Stockton lake   This is my 5th fish over 8 

I had 7  decent   Swimmers 

no idea on the Bucks ...  Way to many

i  wanted to share the pic    Of my newest addition     9.1





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7 hours ago, Hammer time said:

Great job, what did she eat?

She ate  green Jig    And a lot of line  Hammer     

That is awesome setting hook to find that     She went up bank down low like a sub to back of boat    Then to main water behind boat    

Charles grabbed net and put it in water  I said she gone gone gone  she's out of here ! As  she pulled drag  He had line in his mouth  when he relized  she was way out there behind him

 I got her to come back to boat     She layed on her side  on surface  trying to get that booty  shakin     Her tail  sprayed water like a evinrude   

She had a lot of fight    

I looked her over  quickly and weighed 

rubbed her belly

and said your gorgeous 

 relized my hand would go in her mouth with it shut 

by then her eyes where gettin dry  

I wanted to look her over way more  But  I lowered her in the water  and let go of her   




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