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5/27 report - best crappie day in years


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Fished Little Sac. Went through about 4 dozen minnows. Had 22 crappie all over 11" and 1 keeper walleye. Unbelievable day with my 5 yo son. He had a blast. We also caught the largest drum I've ever seen, 4 enormous (too big to keep) channel cat and 1 turtle. Lots of action and good experience for him (and me). I was set about 3' deep all morning. Had an owl swoop down right by the boat and snatch a small bluegill that I injured...didn't know they fished. Switched over to trolling cranks, but kept catching crappie...no walleye. Called it a day before the rain hit at 1:30. 

I haven't had a day with this good of quantity and quality of crappie in many years (like 2 decades). Lots of high fives to go around with the boy.

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Sounds like a great day ! What a great time with your son, thanks for sharing.


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