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Lakeside 370 report

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I didn't know where else to put this but since you guys are in the area I thought this would be okay.

Went over there Saturday at first light.  It took the guy 20 minutes to check us in.:rolleyes:  We used flukes, spinner baits, buzz baits, Ned, and assorted soft plastics.  One small bass near the rip rap on the outflow canal.  The place is overrun with gar.  Big ones too.  I had probably ten of them take the fluke but they didn't stay pinned of course.  We had Asian carp flying around us a couple times too.  We would spook them with the trolling motor and they would fly.  There is absolutely zero cover in there.  It's a silt bowl.  Overall it was pretty bad and I won't go back.  

My buddy has been catching catfish over there and they stock em on Thursday.  


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