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a little more fishing

merc1997 Bo

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got out not too long before dark last night and had the lake to ourselves.  put the boat back on the trailer at 1:30am.  catching was not too bad either, once we figured out where they had moved to, again, and had to make a few adjustments in speed and lure.

most of them are still coming from around the 15ft. mark.  the most consistent lure last night was a beaver style soft plastic on a 3/16 head with a 5/16 slip sinker.  that is 1/2 an oz. of weight for those that are trying to figure that out.  i did catch two big ones on a 1/2 skirted jig right before we quit.  it started raining in earnest right as i boated the 5 lber. and we folded up and put it on the trailer.  by the way, the bass had moved to much flatter terrain last night.  

ended up with a total of 12 keeps, with 3 of them in the 3+ range, plus the two big ones.



toby and i.jpeg


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Bo, I see that your pet is still pointing out where to fish. Thank you for the report. Well done. Nice healthy LM too. 


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