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Spring Fishing Trip With Bink on Norfork

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I need to know who's planning on going on the spring trip with Bink we talked about last summer. So far only two people have confirmed. I booked him for 6 days because the interest was high. This is broken down into two 3-day trips. APR 5-7 is the first one and APR 8-10 is the second one. This is prime striper time on Norfork. Top water action in the morning and top water action in the evening until a couple hours after dark. We can have up to 5 boats per trip. The cost for 3 days is 300.00 per boat. (150 per person).  If you said you wanted to go last summer and your plans have changed please also let me know. I am going to put this out to my customer base if we can't fill the slots.


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I wish I would have known, just got into catching hybrids and stripers last year and I enjoyed it so much I booked a trip with Bink for april 3. Am looking forward to learning from Bink. When I talked to him last week he told me that was prime time for them but he was booked up except for the 2 days before the time you guys have reserved. I will post after my trip and will be looking forward to hear how you all do. Good Luck.

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On 1/8/2017 at 10:57 AM, Spoon Feeder said:

Nailing down some details. Will post in a couple days. But the dates are firm. Apr 5th - 7th and 8th-10th.

There are two 3-day trips available. APR 5th-7th and 8th-10th. Most people are staying at Blackburn's Resort. We will be fishing in the dam area so it makes more sense to keep your boat at Quarry Marina. They charge 20.00 per night. There are resorts by the dam but they are about 50% higher in cost. It's about a 15 to 20 minute drive from Blackburns Resort to Quarry Marina. If you stay by the dam you would need to drive into Mountain Home to eat anyway unless you get groceries to keep in the cabin. If you want to stay by the dam Gene's Trout Resort is nice and only a couple minutes from the dam.


Day 1  Meet at Quarry Marina at sun up. We will fish until about 11:00 AM. Top water action for stripers to start and then large mouth on the creek banks when the top water dies down. We will then meet at Blackburns Resort for the seminar. Seminar will be 2:00 to 4:00 or so giving you time to get lunch. We will then go back out 1-2 hours before dark and fish 2-3 hours after dark. Anyone with concerns about fishing at night there are several spots within visual site of Quarry Marina. Every boat will get their own banks to fish.

Day 2 and Day 3  Meet at Quarry Marina at sun up. Same as Day one. Night fishing will be the same. If you want to go out in the afternoon for white bass or whatever's hitting at the time Bink will show you where to go.

Again the cost is 300.00 per boat (150/person) for three days.

We are not asking for a deposit for Ozark Anglers members.

Once you confirm you will get a list of tackle to bring.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you haven't already confirmed with me.

Blackburns Resort   (870) 492-5115

Quarry Marina  (870) 499-5388    

Kevin Baker (Me)  309-721-6181


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