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Fishing Friday- PC


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Got out to PC before work this AM.  On the water from 6:15 to 8:30.  Had a little mechanical issue to start the morning.  Turns out it was user error and my kill switch was disconnected.  Of course, it took me a good 20 minutes and a few choice words to figure that out.  Once we got up and running we were golden.  Decent amount of fish in the back of PC.  Caught one eye on a Kaitech, then started pulling some flicker shads.  Caught another eye that way.  At about 8:00 the wind picked up and we got onto some whites.  Caught 2 nice whites and then on the last pass through I thought I had a small striper- I was surprised to see this 6lb black show up at the side of the boat!  Biggest large mouth I have ever caught- first time going over 6 lbs.  And by far my biggest Beaver Lake bass.  I had a guy with me who is kinda a rookie but if a guy went to the back of PC with an A-rig in this wind today they could probably put the smackdown on a bunch of fish.  Sadly- we had to get back to the office but not a bad way to kick off the weekend.  



Brett LM 2.jpg

Brett LM.jpg

Russell Eye 2.jpg

Russell Eye.jpg

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