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TIme to thin the herd- rods for sale!


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Berkeley Cherrywood HD 
5'6" light spin-$10

Lews Laser Speed Stick 
6'6" medium spin-$20

Fenwick Eagle GT 
6'6" medium light spin-$30

B&R outlaw rods 
6'6" medium spin-$75

Shimano FXC 60mb2
6' medium glass cast-$10

B&R outlaw rods 
7'6" heavy fast cast-$75

Lamiglas XL705c-$50
7' heavy fast cast

Lamiglas XL705-$50
7' heavy fast cast 

Lamiglas XL-704-$50
7' medium heavy fast cast

Lamiglas XL-705glass-$60
7' medium heavy glass crankbait 

Loomis IMX PR-845c $150
7' medium heavy moderate cast





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Have used Eagle for Ned for quite some time.  It is on the light side but works great if you use sharp hooks and braid with FC leader, and really protects you from break offs using light line on larger fish.  It won't cross their eyes or horse them out of cover though.



Jim "The obsessions of others are opaque to the unobsessed, and thus easy to mock...If we are lucky we all have at least one."

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Whereare you located? 

Money is just ink and paper, worthless until it switches hands, and worthless again until the next transaction. (me)

I am the master of my unspoken words, and the slave to those that should have remained unsaid. (unknown)

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