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Aunts 4.2.2017


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Put in around noon yesterday, fished Aunts or close to it for a few hours  Water temps got up around 57.  Water slightly stained. Got rained on a very little bit later in the day.  I tried to fish a variety of locations but the snot was bad and definitely had me struggling to figure them out. Over near Shell knob the moss is only out to about 5 fow and then clears up.  I unfortunately thought it might be similar all over. 

I threw the blade a few times with no luck...

I caught one spot on a single 3.8 with a 1/4 jig head on a secondary but had my most consistent luck putting the boat in 20-25 fow and throwing an okeechobee craw parallel to steeper banks.  Caught a couple more shorts and one 3.4 large doing this, but it was time to head home right when I started getting into the rhythm.

Tough days will happen, hopefully I got it out of the way for a while!!



"Some go to church and think about fishing, others go fishing and think about God."

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Thanks for the report I love that section of the lake I like to stay at kings cove resort I should be down there during Turkey season cant wait to get back to the rock!  Smallies should start hitting beds soon!

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