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The other night I loaded up stuff to go Catfishing at the Lake and took a Light Action Rod for Bluegill.

Later told my wife they was dropping water I should go to the river Sucker fishing. This morning told her the river is dropping too so I might as well go to the Lake.

Before daylight I go on over to the Lake, put out 3 lines with Stink Bait and one with worm. 10:30 gave up. Nothing was biting.

Got to the river thought I might as well try to catch some Trout. Had 6# Test on my Light Action Rod, size 6 Bait holder Hooks, put 3/8Oz. Egg Sinker on with 3/0 Split Shot.

I didn't count on losing stuff, so I rigged up and went to the river. Baited up with Night Crawler, throwed out, BAM! Thought I had a Big Brown, got it closer seen it was a Big Rainbow that made a 6 pounder look small. I was horsing it too much. Broke off at the bank.

Went back to the Pickup got my stuff. Rerigged, throwed out caught a pretty nice one. Throwed out again BAM! Had another good one on, played it for awhile, snapped the Hook off.

Went ahead caught my other 3. Came home.


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