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Slow morning, decent afternoon.


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Fished from about 10am til 5ish today, put in at Spring Creek and went as far as Music and back. Looking for places with a little wind but not so much that the 10 year old couldn't fish. Put about 25 in the boat, with Sid getting 9. Mostly smallmouth, no giants, half a dozen or so 16" keepers. The kiddo was fishing the Ned and a 3.3 keitch, I was mainly throwing a jerkbait looking for bigger fish and trying to leave the Ned fish for him.

It took a little while to locate some places to fish with the right wind conditions and start getting bites. I don't think we had more than one fish on before noon, but that could have been me getting the kiddo sorted out, and not the fish. All in all a good day, could probably have really smoked em on the stickbait if I had been fishing the windy windy spots, I just didn't want to dump the kiddo in the lake fishing the surf. All in all, it's still spring and it's still way fun out there...




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Good job, gotta keep the kiddos happy or they may not want to go with you the next time.

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nice job. we were in spring creek on and off few days ago.  I did see water 58 up there and 62 closer to the marina.  Probably the wind pushing everything around.  I got my kids on fish using a drop shot, which was easier for them to handle in the wind. 

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