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The Calm After the Storm - Kimberling City 4/16


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Woke up early with the intent of going out, and saw the rain was about an hour out, so I went back to bed.  Woke up at 11, on the water by noon with low expectations.

Pulled back in the back of a creek and saw fish busting everywhere.  Caught 25-30 fish in 30 minutes on the 2.8" Keitech, few on a Jointed Thunderstick on top.  Mostly SM with a few K's mixed in, from 10-17", with most being in that 14-16" range.  Another boat and I were on opposite sides of the shad, and pulling fish in as fast as we could get back in the water.  Love it when it get's like that.

Things slowed and went back out to the channel to see if the fish would hit the Thunderstick a bit more.  Got over some deep trees and caught another 8 fish.

Went to another few sections of good gravel on the main lake with some trees mixed in, and put another 20 or so in the boat, all on the 2.8" Keitech.  Seemed like most fish were in 10-25 FOW, but the topwater fish were in over 100' of water.

Ending with 50-60 fish total when I pulled off the water at 3:30.  Probably the best 3.5 hours I've had on this lake.  Nothing huge(best was 17" and probably just shy of 3lbs), but constant catching, and lots of hard pulling smallies.

The last picture I put up is of the Thunderstick I've been using last year and today.  I noticed in Pete's Youtube video this week he mentioned buying custom weighted Redfins.  If you look closely, near the back of the main body, I super glue three stacked Storm Suspenstrips.  I glue on on top of the other, because the factory adhesive on there never sticks, then I seal the edges with glue to lock them on.  This is basically the Po'Boy version of what Pete mentioned, and it works for me.  I experimented with 1 to 4 of them, and found 3 to be my sweet spot.  The bait will wake easily, and has a nice roll to it in my opinion.  It's not pretty, but the fish can't see those strips on it's back until it's too late. :) 





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