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Some amazing preliminary observations of the flood records

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Saw something in the news yesterday or day before that was relevant to this. Apparently they had some town hall meeting type deal in Fenton where people were pissed about the 2 recent big floods and such, and suggested a dam be build upstream to prevent it happening again. Also reading that link that cart7 had I found it interesting how the buyback transpired. A good chunk of people that had sold the land for the project couldn't buy it back cause the value apparently had been appraised as higher than what they sold it for. Usually it seems like it's done the opposite way. It sucks for those people that couldn't buy it back only to have someone with bigger pockets get it instead, yet at the same time, I do enjoy there being a good chunk of public land along the Meramec, though I'm not sure how those areas factored into that.   

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