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2/13 Report


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Tried to put in this morning about 9 o’clock at Mutton Creek North and the lake was frozen on that side. However the campground side was clear and we were able to launch with no problems.   Water temps were 37 all day and we really didn’t do much bass fishing however we ended up with somewhere in excess of 50 white bass and a half a dozen nice Crappie.  All the white bass and Crappie were in a 100 yard section in 20 to 25 feet of water. We did talk to another boat this morning that seemed to be catching some pretty nice Crappie in 40 feet of water in Mutton  Creek. The key was to find the shad on the bottom, that’s where the fish were holding.   We did go by Roark Bluff on our way home and the water in that Cove looked fine and there was a few boats that had launched  there.  Tight Lines!


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