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Kupla Limits


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of crappie and probably a limit of whites (all released).  Both species really nice sized, probably only released 10 illegal crappie.  Pretty cold and mistly at 9:40 when we started, gusty later.  Bluegrass jokers early, black and pink beaver bottoms when sun came out.  Found baitfish near channel break,  drop to bottom, up 2 cranks, light thump from crappie, inhale from whites.  Looking wet next week.


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3 hours ago, Joel Montgomery said:

 What size and color of jig head was you using?

White 1/8 ounce rockport rattlers on an eleven foot B and M ultra light w/ reel seat at bottom like a flyrod.  I hold that in my left hand, although I'm right handed.  Ol Todd Huckabee technique, left hand has better reflexes/sensitivity than power  hand according to Todd.  The other rod is Outlaw 10 foot crappie/walleye rod which is sold/marketed by J R Oldham at the Cabins on Stockton Lake.  It's a much stouter rod (more backbone).  I believe Everharts also sells them, possibly other places.  I have one gold and one chrome jig head on that one, both 1/8 ounce.  I tie Huckabee loop knots  about 15-18 inches apart, which allows the jig to always lay level because of the loop knot.  The second rod is in a bee line rod hold set about a foot over the water, and I attempt to keep my line as vertical as possibly with just a little forward thrust.  I avoid brush piles w/ this 2 jig setup, and will use it thru pre spawn.  I also use the Outlaw pole for pulling cranks, won't rip it out of a crappie mouth but has enough backbone to set the hook on a walleye.  Hope you can envision all this.  OGHFM

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