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First Bass of the Year 2-17-18

Bassin' fool

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They’re not much but all 3 were keepers by a hair. Had several very soft jig bites but wasn’t able to hook up, started to think maybe the ol’ rabbit hat had lost its luck while the lake was iced over. Apparently all I needed to do was fish faster (makes sense, right?). First two were caught on a wiggle wart, last one on a jerkbait fished very aggressively. All came out of 12 feet of water very close to the creek channel. Water temp was 42 in the back half of the creek we were in. 




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Well done in tough conditions! I fished from shore a couple hours last Monday without success using a Jerkbait. My access was limited due to the coves being froze. With the rain and warmer temps this week I think the fishing will start to improve. I might make a trip down with the boat in a couple weeks.

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