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Dry Camping at accesses


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I may have asked a similar question on here before but searched and cannot find the responses. And anyway, this question is a little different. I am thinking of renting a little Tear Drop camper  for a week this summer to see how I like it. Thinking of spending a week on the Buffalo if possible. Are there any accesses where people take small campers and dry camp for free? I realize I would probably have to keep  the camper off the water 100' or so, I'm cool with that part. I would love to have a stretch to wade fish during the day, and will probably want to float a couple days but head back to base camp and my bed in the Tear Drop. (Afraid my tent camping days are about over, esp. more than 1-2 nights.) I realize it will not be like some of the places in Missouri where you can practically pull a camper up to the water's edge. Any place anyone have in mind would be appreciated. Would be my first trip to the area so not familiar with how dispersed camping around accesses works. Thanks in advance, Mark

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Bumping to the top. My plan is to take a week in Sept sightseeing the length of the Buffalo, and camp and fish out of my truck, no Mypod camper. Hoping I can find accesses to pitch a tent maybe upstream or downstream, and get away with it since it is past Labor Day. Maumee South sounds like what I am looking for. All advice appreciated. Probably do a couple 1 day floats, or a multiday on lower stretch.


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