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Curiousity question


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Put in at Baxter yesterday. The water in Big and Little Indian was very stained (approx 1' vis) and yet just outside the mouth in the White it was very clear. Why isn't the dirty water from this creek flowing into the White?

Found a couple of lonely Spots yesterday in 7 hours of trying, both keepers. The first ate a DT-10 and the second one selected a tandem white spinnerbait with Okie and colorado blades, both fished very slowly. Coldest water I saw was in the White at 46 and warmest was in Big Indian at 48 but the temps in the latter were very inconsistent. Stuck with the cranks and spinnerbaits most of the day but did pull out the Little Guy when I was fishing the clear water in the White. Not a sniff on the LG.  

Ms. Table Rock is slapping me upside the head right now but I don't care. The memory of the 16" of snow I left in my yard at home is fading nicely and I regularly forage on humble pie anyway.



"There was a time that I didn't fish, but I cannot remember it."

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