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1/17 Parkers Upstream

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Headed out early this AM with the water scheduled to be off. Crossed over at Cane brake and fished a little over half way down to the bluffs. Threw jerk bait and hooked probably 10 rainbows although all but 2 had the early barbless release. 

After that I thought I would go down and hit up the 3 TU accesses to check some new water, each spot had 2 or 3 cars in it so I ended up all the way down at parkers. Fished the deep holes downstream and ended up with another rainbow. 

When I was coming out I counted 28 vehicles and one boat between Parkers and Bertrand boat ramp. Many cars had 2-3 people getting out and suiting up. 

I expect those kinds of numbers on 60+ degree days on holiday weekends but there was ALOT of people out in 34 degree weather, in the small town of Busch, on the worst tailwater in the chain.

Maybe its not just the hype around Taney.

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I didn't go through Roaring River until later in the day.....like 3pm but it looked normal. 


The interesting thing at the tailwaters is that is was almost all fly fisherman today. Over Christmas on a nice 60 degree Saturday there was a bunch of vehicles at Parkers but it was 95% bait guys. 

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