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Below Dam Snaggin 4.24.21

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On Monday the COE opened 2 spillway gates about 6" to compensate for a generator down for maintenance. This is about 1,800 CFS and I assumed the water coming over the top would likely be warmer than the water coming off the bottom. In my mind, this mean constant higher flow(no off/on cycle) and warmer water meant maybe the spoonbill would move up the river to the dam. 

Last week I picked up some 50lb braid, 10/0 snagging hooks and various weights to snag from the bank downthere. When I showed up there was nobody up at the rocky point so I figured I would start there where it was narrowest and go to work. The water is very clear but swift enough the bottom is distorted. I jerked for about an hour without hooking anything. I didn't see any spoonbill and only seen one other person snagging. 

After that lack of success, I went down to parker bottoms and threw a jerk bait and had 2 short rainbows that settled for the early release. The water here is pretty trashy. I assume its run off from the rains last night. 

Also went to the rip rap on Beaver and threw the A-rig hoping for a striper or white bass and nada. 



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