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Roubidoux to Hwy 28 report


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So we spent the night at the Rodway Inn in Waynesville Thursday.  Woke up and were at the Roubidoux access by 6 am to unolad.  Watch your vehicle on the drive down and back up.  Rutted and rough is the forecast even when dry.   Ground clearance is an issue. My pathfinder loved the descent and the climb.  My low front bumper guard did not have the same sentiment.  

So we unloaded the vehicle and my friends stayed to gear up the canoes.  I went and picked up Andy at Rt. 66 canoe rental. He was ready and waiting.  

He dropped me off up top and I walked down.  We were on the river by 8 am.   River was up and moving but still had great color.  

We floated just past Riddle Bridge on Friday.   Stopped at 4 pm.  Overall fishing was slower then we had hoped for and expected though it was difficult to target fish.  We literally caught them in every possible place just not regularly.  

Winning presentations were baby bass crank and texas rigged hula or Biffles.  A few were caught on wild eye swimmers and senko style worms.  

Saturday we hung around camp until 11 and feasted on breakfast burritos and sipped on some coffee spiked with Dumond liqueur.  Delicious!

By 3 pm there was a significant discoloration and a ton of small debris in the water.  

Top, middle or bottom fishing resulted in something other than a fish on your hook 1 in 3 casts.  Even weedless setups.  We camped on a narrow bank because we were so close tl Hwy. 28.  Tent was 8 feet from the river at bedtime and 2 inches from the river when we woke up.  

Still a great time.  Friday I cooked burgers and brats.  Saturday grilled steaks and gyro meatballs and served them all with a Thai noodle salad.  

We got to the bridge at 10:30 for pickup at 11.   Andy was already there waiting for us.  20210521_090405.jpg20210522_123739.jpg




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