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6/16 Fellows Lake

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I was out on Fellows Lake yesterday evening from 6:30pm until 8:30pm. I was kayak fishing. I threw a wacky rigged worm and a KVD Sexy Dawg Jr. The worm produced for me and I did not get so much as a slap on tge topwater. Water temps were in the 84-86F range. The water was very clear with greater than 6ft visibility. I recently rigged a Garmin Striker Vivid 4cv to my kayak and will need to create some waypoints for structure. I passed over a good spot not far from the boat ramp/marina that has some structure in deeper water. There were some fish around it too. I ended up catching two large mouth bass and hung one but lost him. All three were on the wacky rigged worm. They were located at the edge of the bushes out to about 8ft of water. This was my first time out on Fellows and I will be back. I had my first bass on after about 5 minutes of fishing! The larger fish I caught was 1.5-2lbs and put up a good fight on the lighter tackle. It also pulled the yak a bit! I cannot wait to see what getting a 5lber would do!¬†ūü§£




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Good fish.

I had a few hours to kill yesterday, 6/16/21, and just stopped by the "marina" boat ramp to bank fish mid-day.  Caught 4 bass 9 - 11.5 inches on a variety of spinners; some with worm trailers, some not.  I could see them cruising up and down the bank about 15' out and that's where I caught them.  Slow retrieve and very light strikes. 

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