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Boonville Area Trout Tournament

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Sunday we held our 38th annual trout tournament and thanks to the staff at Lilleys it was a rousing success even though the fishing was difficult we managed to catch enough to make it fun again. First place stringer went to Ruffel, Reagan & Snapp @ 9.19# 2nd: Fry, Waibel & Oser @ 6.02# 3rd Morris & Vaught @ 5.75# Big fish  Jim Hayes @ 3.70# 2nd Darrin Reagan @ 3.01# 3rd Jim Waibel @ 1.37#. I also would like to thank Dean Reagan for his effort in coordinating this event and for the participants that enjoyed the steak fry and raffle on saturday evening as well as the fishing challenge this weekend. Here is hoping to see you all next year and the wonderful staff at Lilley. Almost forgot to mention that most if not all the trout were caught on minnows except the big fish and that will be a forever secret...LOL.

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