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3/19/22 Hickory


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A little late with my report from last Saturday. Me and a buddy literally drove down to HC ramp about 10:00 Friday to check the viz and flipped a coin to decide if we were going to the OA outing at Eagle Rock or Hickory. Launched at HC around 7:00. Air temp was a bit chilly and water was around 48. Headed up to a small secondary point near some spawning flats and had no bites. Moved up to a more substantial main lake point and I got on em pretty good. Mostly smallish male spots. My buddy was striking out. Moved down a bit to a pretty good holler and picked up a few. Several boats in and out and some dudes parked at where we like to start drop-shottin. Not sure if the got any but they sure had staked a claim on that spot. Made a run up towards point 12 and hit another pocket and I picked up a couple and my buddy finally got on the board with a small K and a small white bass. We had about 3 other boats join or try to join us in this little pocket. A couple of derby's were were going on. We then were gonna head down lake  and the wind had come up pretty good. Got as far as Monte Ne and took a left to find a spot out of the wind. We did and I was on em again pretty good. This little cove had a few docks but nothing else that would really make you think it was stacked with fish. I wasn't having any luck with the wacky rig around the docks so pick the jerker back up and got 10 or so. The biggest fish of the day, in fact probably 3 of the biggest, came from this nondescript little pocket. No real goodun's. My best 5 would've gone a little over 10 pounds. We stayed on the water till 4:00. I boated around 30 and my back o the boat only 3. He was about ready to toss all his gear into the lake. I honestly try my hardest not to back of the boat anyone that fishes with me, it was just one of those days. Visibility ranged from 12-18" to maybe 3'. WT upper 40's to real low 50's ish. Every fish I caught came on MB110+1 and buddy's on a jerk as well. Predominantly caught K's with a few LM and one white. Good day for me. Planning to launch at Prairie tomorrow. My regular BOTB buddy fished there yesterday afternoon and had a good report for me last night. I think he's gonna meet me there tomorrow , with his boat! If any of you Beaver area folks wanna go, I'm gonna have an empty seat it looks like. 


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You didn't miss much Jeff. I boated four keepers Saturday. 3 on 110+1 and 1 on RK55. Mid lake and up towards Hickory was pretty nuts. I waited till around 8 to launch at PC because I knew the NWATT was blasting off at 7. Seemed like every place that looked fishy had a boat sitting in it from Ventris down to Hickory. Good visibility, 5-6', in Coose and Ventris, maybe 2' in Monte Ne, Nelson, and main lake at HC. Temps from 48 to bumping 52 late afternoon. Tons of moss in a big pocket across the lake from Ventris. Must be some sort of algae bloom. If you threw treble hook lure near the bank or a dock you were certainly bringing some back. That is where I got one on the RK though. There were also so many bait balls in there you were very likely to snag a few of them on the jerkbait. Saw zero fish chasing the balls, unbelievable. Between the funky green hue of the water and all the bait balls it was kinda cool. I didn't load up until after 5:00, took for ever for the weigh in to get done, so I went way up PC and worked my way back towards the ramp. Unsuccessfully I might add. 

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