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Little Niangua River 4/1-4/3


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                     2 friends and I floated the little Niangua from Griswold ford down to Fiery Creek.  Fishing was tough to say the least.  Friday the river was high and brown, and I caught 0 fish.  Saturday the water was high, but clearing up, and I caught 4 dink smallies (crankbait/swimbait).  Sunday the water was quite a bit better, but we were pretty ready to paddle out and I only caught 2 dink smallmouth (jerkbait).  It was one of the only rivers in the state that wasnt really high so we decided on it.  Im sure with better conditions, and better anglers there is plenty of good fishing to be had.  

                    We didnt see another floater the entire time, which was very nice.  There are TONS of trees down that create some sketchy situations, but nothing too bad.  Heard several turkeys gobbling every morning, saw a few deer and several eagles.  We did enjoy exploring all of the little (and some large) caves  / springs that were in most of the bluff walls. 







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