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Alex Heitman

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About 25 of us are headed down to stay in Indian for our annual fish camp Thursday-Sunday. We usually stay around dam/long creek area but are switching it up this year. I was just wondering the water clarity after the recent rains and if the crappie and whites have started moving. Should be able to figure out the other bass but we are wanting a fish fry on Saturday nigh fry.  Otherwise we will have to go to town to get food haha. 

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I went into Indian Sunday and prefished a little for us . I can tell you that the water looked great with a bit of debris temp was 52 f in the morning. I had 13 bass in 2  1/2 hrs with 7 keepers . I put that rod away and looked for crappie and whites . After 2 hrs of nothing I called it a day.  Maybe someone else can help . 

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